Hello Piner Bearcat Band Families!

The next few weeks will see some important things that are a bit too much to send in a Remind, so here is a brief update with upcoming items and activities!

Percussion Concert, February 22:

  • Location – SHS Auditorium
  • Attire – Black
  • Percussion Students should arrive at 4pm for warm-up.
  • Concert Begins at 7pm.
  • This is a graded event for percussion students.
  • Concert is FREE and we would love to have all of the Piner Band students there.

UIL Benchmark Assessment 1, February 26:

  • Location – SHS Auditorium
  • Attire – Formal Concert Black
  •                 Concert Band Warm-up Begins at 6pm
  •                 Symphonic Band Warm-up Begins at 6:30pm
  •                 Honors Band Warm-up Begins at 7pm
  • Performances – 6:30, 7:00, 7:30
  • This is a graded event for all students in Honors, Symphonic and Concert.

Pasta Dinner Concert, March 1:

  • Location – SHS Cafeteria
  • Attire – Formal Concert Black
  •                 Concert Band Warm-up Begins 5:30
  •                 Symphonic Band Warm-up Begins 6:00
  •                 Honors Band Warm-up Begins 7:00
  • Performances – 6:00, 6:30, 7:00
  • This is a graded event for all students in Honors, Symphonic and Concert.
  • Dinner tickets are optional and available for $ 7. Proceeds support your band students!

Band on the Run 5K, March 2:

  • Location – Outside Piner
  • Sign In – 7-7:45am
  • Mini –K Fun Run – 8am
  • 5K Run – 8:30am
  • Online Registration – secure.getmeregistered.com
  • Live Registration – held during the Pasta Dinner

Jazz Band Performance, March 7:

  • Location – Knight Furniture
  • Set-Up – 6pm
  • Perform – 6:30-6:45pm
  • Attire – Band Shirt and Jeans
  • A portion of proceeds that day will be given to the Piner Band! So if you’ve been needing some new furniture that would be a really great day.

Final UIL Benchmark Assessment, March 21:

  • Location – Scott MS, Denison
  • Attire – Formal Concert Black
  • Performance times will be announced as we get closer to the date. Expect any time after 5pm. Six bands will be performing throughout the night, and we want to make sure no one is playing late into the night.
  • This is a graded event for all students in Honors, Symphonic and Concert.
  • UIL Formal Concert and Sight-reading Assessment, March 26 & 27:
  • Location – Wylie East HS (transportation will be provided for students)
  • Attire – Formal Concert Black
  • March 26 – Concert and Symphonic Bands
  • March 27 – Honors Band
  • Times – Will be announced by UIL on a future date.
  • This is a graded event for all students in Concert, Symphonic and Honors
  • Parents are encouraged to attend if available.

Future Other Dates(more info to come in the future):

  • April 18 – Registration/Payment Deadline for Solo & Ensemble (All students playing for a judge)
  • April 22 – Tentative Honors Band Recording Concert, Grayson College (Honors)
  • April 24 – Beach Within Reach Band Festival Performance, Haltom City (Honors/Symphonic)
  • April 27 – Hurricane Harbor Trip (All Students, optional)
  • May 2 – Final Concert (All Students, Graded)
  • May 6-10 – Band Interviews for 2019-2020 Bearcat Bands (6-11)
  • May 11 – Solo & Ensemble Festival

The students are working very hard in preparation for their UIL Assessments.We hope that you are hearing them playing their music and talking to them about how their SmartMusic Assignments are going. Remember that we will reassign anything that is not 100% if it was turned in on time for the first turn in. We are also reassigning even if it was late, but it isn’t up to 90% (the late grade). We encourage everyone to keep turning them in until they are mastered. A 95% with 70 people in a music classroom, doesn’t represent in sound what a 70% looks like in any other class. For our students to achieve at the TEXAS level of expectation it takes a team of people aiming for flawlessness.

Thank you again for always makings sure your band member attends their section rehearsal, has all of their supplies and is working to their potential from home. You are a vital part of the team success!