After a busy day of Region Auditions, we are happy to announce the students moving on the phase 2 as well as several students we already know have secured a chair in the Honor Bands!
Students advancing are:

Olyvia Whitmire

Morgan Beauchamp

Caleb Fisher

Sa’Nyah Hunter

Rachel LaBorde

Xochitl Gonzalez

Chloe Miller

Matthew McDuffey
These students will leave at 2:45 on Monday afternoon to compete in a final chair test. They will need to bring $15 for dinner as we will stop on our way. We will have audition times Monday. It is likely we will not return home until 9pm or later depending on when our last student finishes. Students who play early may leave with a parent, but we will need to make arrangements prior to 2:45pm Monday. 
We are very excited to have several students from the one phase rooms who have already earn spots in the Region Band. Those students are:

Katie Berry – Alternate

Reed Thornton – Alternate

David Wittler – 3rd chair Concert

Vanessa Duarte – 5 chair Wind Symphony

Justin Reyna – 4th chair Concert

Nathan Branson – 6 Wind Symphony
Students making the Region Bands will have an exciting two days in December working with the best students in our region and some fantastic conductors. 
Again, I am SO proud of the growth everyone has accomplished through this process. It has improved our band exponentially!
Have a great weekend!