The Piner Band Winter Concert will be on Thursday, December 10th. The Dillingham Band will start the concert at 7pm, and our portion will begin right after. Concert/Varsity/Beginner Band will perform first, followed by Symphonic Band, then Honors Band. We’ll let you know as soon as we have arrival and performance times for each group.

The dress for the concert is all black, as designated in the Band Handbook. It says:

Formal Stage Uniform:
• Black Dress Shirt (tucked)
• Black Slacks (ankle length, not jeans)
• Black Socks
• Solid Black shoes (closed toe)
• Note: Ladies can wear alternately wear a solid black dress, knee length or longer, with full shoulder coverage. Shoes must still beclosed toe, black.

Please make sure you get these pieces as soon as possible for your musicians so we can look as sharp as we sound!


A reminder that students should be bringing their instruments home to practice almost every day, especially over weekends. Please remind your kids if you don’t see instruments coming home – everyone has daily homework that includes daily exercises and concert music. Members of Honors and Symphonic Bands also have a practice card due every week on Monday