All students will be expected to attend their regular section rehearsal day, but are welcome to attend as many days as needed.  Students will practice their Region Music until they feel they are ready to pass-off one of the etudes.  As soon as they are ready they will come in and play it for a director.  If it is played to the level set in the test rubric they have all received, they will receive a signature.  If not they will be given feedback and instructions on how to continue to improve the performance. They are welcome to play as many times as necessary to pass the music.  The directors will not be seeking them out to come play because they will be focused on the students who are ready, they must come in and get in line to play when they are ready.

Once a student has signatures from directors for all of their Region Etudes, they will be excused from section rehearsals until the week of November 16.  You read that correctly.  Students who complete their full Region Pass-Off Card will be excused from morning/afternoon attendance until the third week of November!

All Pass-Off Cards (Scale and Region Music) are due on November 6 at 7:50am.

The band room will be open on Monday, October 26 (Student Holiday) from 9am-noon for help/pass-offs.  Students who wish to have a relaxed opportunity to focus on region music and pass-offs are welcome to join us.  The expectation will be that all students are working on the region music.  Only water will be allowed in the music facilities during that time.

Students wishing to stay afterward to help with the music library need to be prepared to work hard.