Our Fall Concert is here! Come join us tonight at 6pm in the southeast corner of Piner Middle School for an outdoor extravaganza. We’re proud to feature musicians from all performing groups at Piner Middle School!

We ask that students be here and ready to go at 5:30pm; Honors and Concert/Varsity Bands will meet in the band hall, and Symphonic Band will meet in the chairs set up outside.

Please be sure to bring a blanket or camper chair to sit on, along with plenty of bug spray if you’re inclined to be sweet to mosquitoes.

The whole concert should last no more than 45 minutes.

Music and Arts Step Up Drive

Before and after our Fall Concert, starting at around 5:00, Music and Arts (our instrument rental company) will be available to try out new, “step up” versions of instruments.

This is a great opportunity for Piner Band members to start looking at upgrading their instruments to something that they will be able to use for both middle school and high school. A higher quality instrument makes a big difference in the sound quality for young musicians.

Music and Arts will have instruments to try out, as well as customer service representatives to sign contracts.  Additionally, if students need new materials such as reeds or mouthpieces, they’ll have those available as well! A flyer for the drive can be found here.