This year, all members of the Piner Band will be required to attend one 35 minute sectional a week. Directors have worked with students in athletics to make sure they can do both activities at the high level we expect.

Morning sectionals are from 7:15am – 7:50am.
Afternoon sectionals are from 3:10pm – 3:45pm.

Absences are handled in our handbook, which says:

Absences from section rehearsals or concerts must be made up following the following make-up work policies:

Students who are absent for illness or death-in-the-family, may do make-up assignment for full credit. Please contact the director as quickly as you can.

Unexcused absences will be made up for a maximum of 70% and can result in demotion in chair or band placement, or removal from the activity.

Parents are expected to make every effort to avoid conflicts in scheduling appointments and personal events. Directors must be contacted in advance should an emergency arise.

Piner Band activities take precedence to Non-School activities.

Honors Band

Monday afternoon

  • Trumpets
  • Bassoons

Tuesday morning

  • Horns

Tuesday afternoon

  • Oboes

Wednesday afternoon

  • Clarinets (including Bass Clarinets)

Thursday morning

  • Low Brass (Trombone, Euphonium, and Tuba)

Thursday afternoon

  • Flutes

Friday morning

  • Saxes (All)

Symphonic, Concert, and Varsity Bands

Monday morning

  • Flutes

Wednesday morning

  • Trumpets & Horns

Wednesday afternoon

  • Low Brass (Trombones, Euphoniums, and Tubas)

Friday morning

  • Clarinets (including Bass Clarinets) & Saxes (All)