I hope everyone had a great first day of school! Here are some useful links for Piner Band parents and students related to some of the stuff we talked about today.


Members of all bands need to start looking at their scales. A list of scales that need to learned can be found here. Members of the Honors and Symphonic Bands should expect their first scale quit (over the B-flat scale) very soon.

Additionally, individual scale sheets for each instrument can be found on the All-Region tab at the top of the page.


This year, the Piner Wildcat Band is using the CHARMS system to keep track of member information. This will allow us to keep track of e-mails and telephone numbers more easily, as well as allow parent to update their own information.

Instructions for using CHARMS and getting into your student’s profile can be found here.

Supply List

Today, students should be going home with our handbook. In it, along with our calendar, you’ll find a supply list for members of the Piner Bands.

Please go through it with your student and help get them set up for success in the coming year. The more we take care of now, the less we’ll have to do down the road.