Our Winter Concert is just around the corner, and we’re excited to show off all of the hard work and progress we’ve made since you last heard us. Each group has three new pieces to play for you, some of which have required hours and hours of rehearsal. We hope you and your family can make it for this evening of fun and music.

Concert Information

The Winter Concert will take place on Thursday, December 11 at Sherman High School. Each group should meet as follows:

  • Concert/Varsity/Beginner Bands – 6:45pm, Sherman HS Band Hall
  • Symphonic Band – 6:45pm, Sherman HS Auditorium
  • Honors Band – 6:45, Sherman HS Auditorium

The auditorium will have sections roped off for the students, so keep your eyes out when they come in. We need them to all sit together so we know exactly who’s there.

The concert will begin promptly at 7:00pm with the Dillingham Beginner Band. The Piner portion of the evening should start around 7:30, depending on how long it takes for the Dililngham group to play and clear out. The concert should end around 8:20.

After Piner students perform, they will sit in the audience as a group and listen to the other ensembles. We teach concert etiquette along with performance at Piner, and being a good audience member is an important part of the experience.

Students should bring their instruments without cases (except for certain instruments, such as double reeds). All extra equipment will need to be stored in the Sherman HS Band Hall.

Concert Dress

Dress will be concert black – a description of this can be found in the Piner Band handbook. The relevant excerpt:

Black dress shirt (purchased through the school), black slacks, black belt, black socks, long black socks, black dress shoes.

Note: Girls may wear the above or may wear a solid black dress, knee length or longer with full shoulder coverage, and black dress shoes.

If you bought a black shirt from us, we will pass them out in class this week before the concert. Please make sure your $15 is turned in as soon as possible.

Feel free to contact us about any questions you may have regarding the concert and times.