Practice at Home

As a reminder, the success of the Piner Band is based on dedication and practice by each member in each band. Every student should take their instrument home every day and practice for at least 30 minutes. This practice should include both warm up and music that they are working on in class.

We ask that parents make sure students are practicing and putting in the effort necessary to make us successful. Every minute of practice that is accomplished outside of band class makes us that much better.

Piner Football Game

The first Piner MS football game will be Tuesday, September 23. Only Honors Band will participate in this first game. The information is as follows:

  • Where – Students will meet in the West Side Bleachers (visitor side) of Bearcat Stadium
  • Dress  – Band shirts and jeans OR shorts. (Band shirt orders will be passed out tomorrow in class)
  • Equipment – Every student needs to bring their instrument (no cases) and their band binder. Stands will be provided.
  • Timeline:
    • 5:00pm – Students will meet at the Piner Band Hall. Instrument cases will be left in the band hall.
    • 5:15pm – All students will walk to the stadium. Getting students seated will be chaotic at the first game, so please arrive early. We will begin playing promptly at 6:00pm.
    • 7:30pm – Students will be dismissed. Parents will end to pick up students at the Band Hall or arrange for their child to get a ride with another student. Members are encouraged to bring cell phones, but they will need to remain off and out of sight during the performance. If parents choose for their children to remain at the game after 7:30, Mr. Anderson and Mr. Edmonson will not be there to supervise them.
  • Food and Drink – Students need to eat a light meal or snack before the game. Only water is allowed while the band is performing, and students are encouraged to bring their own bottles of water. Soft drinks, energy drinks, or food items are NOT allowed as these could be damaging to the instruments. Concession visits are NOT allowed during our time at the game.
  • Restrooms – Restroom visits are handled on a case-by-case basis.
  • Seating – Seating in the bleachers will be tight, and it will take a while for the band to get seated. The arrangement may change during the course of the game or from week to week. Students will sit in the same order as they sit in band rehearsal. Non-band students may NOT sit with the band during the game.
  • Behavior – Students are expected to be on their usual, high quality behavior during the entire game. We are in the public eye during the game, and we are there to perform and support the teams. Behavior problems will not result in warnings and will be handled immediately.
  • Football Players and Cheerleaders – Football players & cheerleaders need to arrange to have their instruments and music at the stadium. A-team players will play with the band until it is time for their warm up to begin. B-team players will come to the stands and play as quickly as possible at the end of the game. Members may perform in jerseys/uniforms when playing with the band at Piner Games. Football players & cheerleaders are expected to play with the band  before or after their game, depending on A or B team assignment.

Let us know if you have any questions. Remember that only Honors Band will perform at the first game; Symphonic Band will join them at the next Piner Football Game, as well as other pep band events.