Good morning Piner Band parents and members! We’ve been in school about a month now, and things are moving forward. We’re coming up on a couple of important events, and we want to make sure everyone’s aware of our expectations.

Home Practice

All Piner Band members are expected to take their instrument home every day and practice at least 15 minutes. We understand that may not be possible every day of the week, but that time should be made up on another day. Individual practice is absolutely necessary to play the advanced music we perform in all groups.

If students are not practicing, band directors may move them down in chair placement. Continued lack of practice may result in members moving to another band class.

Football Games

Our first Piner football game is in one week – Tuesday, September 23. Only members of Honors Band and select members of Symphonic Band will perform at the first game. A detailed schedule will be given out later this week.

Members of Honors Band and Symphonic Band will play at the Piner Night @ Sherman HS on Friday, October 10th. Both groups will also perform at the Piner Game on Tuesday, October 14th.

Band Supplies

As mentioned in our handbook, each instrument is required to have certain supplies. This week, the band directors will be handing out an order sheet to see if students need certain supplies – otherwise, they are responsible for getting them themselves. Our first complete supply check will be in a few weeks.

Supplies can be ordered through the directors at cost from Music and Arts, or parents can purchase the supplies themselves.


Honors Band sectionals continue this week – make sure your students arrive at least 5 minutes before the sectional is scheduled to begin so that they can begin promptly and use the time efficiently.

Reminder that Honors Band has a full band rehearsal on Wednesday afternoons starting at 3:15.  Students who have athletics after school must make sure that they talk with Mr. Anderson if they have any conflicts. Unexcused absences will be entered as a zero in the gradebook.