Piner parents and students! We’re back, and we’re here with some information that will help us start the year off with a bang. All of this information will be coming home with your students during the first week, but if it doesn’t make it home, everything can be found here as well.

Piner Band Handbook

Our Piner Band Handbook can be found here in PDF form and can always be accessed from the “Parent Info” tab at the top of our page. The handbook contains information about our rules, procedures, concert dress, and required materials.

The last page of the Piner Band Handbook is an information sheet, which every student needs to bring back during the first week of school. This is so we can easily contact parents and students throughout the year if necessary. Information about the Piner Band will be sent out in a weekly email to parents, along with announcements in class and updates to this site.

Rental Fees

There are no general fees required of Piner Band students. Students who use school instruments (oboe, bassoon, tenor sax, bari sax, bass clarinet, french horn, baritone, and tuba) are required to pay a $75 instrument rental fee. This provides for the upkeep and repair of these instruments from year to year. The fee must be paid within the first two weeks of school.

If any families have trouble paying the fee, parents or students should contact the band directors directly to figure out alternate plans. The Piner Band prides itself on making sure every student can participate, regardless of financial situation.

Required Materials

Like other classes, band has a required materials list that can be found in our band handbook. Besides an instrument, each student is required to have, at all times:

  • a Band Binder – provided by the directors
  • two pencils
  • a highlighter of any color

Each individual instrument also has a specific set of supplies listed in the band handbook. The directors will make a large purchase of supplies at the beginning of the year, and students can purchase them through us (prices will be posted). After that, students are required to maintain most of their own supplies, as the directors will only offer a limited selection for purchase.

Supplies can be purchased online and at most music supply stores in the area. Locations and contact information for suggested companies will be posted next week.


Lastly, a Piner Band calendar will be sent home with students the first week of school. This contains the dates for nearly all the events that students can attend. Please look carefully at which groups are included on each date, as often only one or two of the groups will participate at a given contest/performance.

The calendar on this website is updated weekly to reflect new information, times, and exact locations as they come available. These times and locations will also be provided to students in class and sent out via weekly email.

If you’d like, the Google Calendar on this website can be displayed on iPhones and Android devices. Information about doing this can be found here.