Parents and Piner Band Members,

I hope everyone is staying warm! Our schedule has been flipped and flopped and flipped yet again, but we’re finally set for the Pasta Dinner Concert on Thursday, March 6.

The Pasta Dinner Concert is a chance for all of the concert going bands at Piner and SHS to perform their contest music for the first time. Parents are welcome to come and listen for free – if you’d like to eat, plates are $7.

Because of the ice day and mock standardized testing at Piner, there have been some problems with our planned schedule. Piner bands will not have any in-class rehearsals before the concert. The after school rehearsal on Wednesday, March 5 is still on (3:15-4:15).

Sym 2 and Concert Band will rehearse at the Sherman High School Cafeteria on the day of the Pasta Dinner, Thursday, March 6. The schedule for all bands will be as follows:

4:50pm – Sym 2 arrives.
5:00pm – 5:30pm – Sym 2 rehearses.
5:30pm – 6pm – Concert band rehearses.
6:00pm – 6:20pm – Concert band performs.
6:20pm – 6:40pm – Sym 2 performs.
6:30pm – Sym 1 arrives.
6:40pm – 7:10pm – Sym 1 performs.

The high school bands will follow the Piner bands.

Dress for this performance is concert dress, found above under student information.

Thank you for being so understanding and flexible as we try to accommodate everything that mother nature has thrown our way. This is our first performance of the 2014 contest music and it is very important for all of the SISD bands to get this performance under our belts.

As always, let us know if you have any questions. Hope to see everyone there!